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* (reafood) milk design

Posted on June 7th, 2011 by seesternrea. Filed under about, healthy food.


* figs … now

Posted on October 12th, 2010 by seesternrea. Filed under about, just thinking of..., recipe.

fig ...

every year at the end of summer i just can’t wait for them …
and as in october the season slowly comes to an end … i start missing them … though preserving them as fig jam provides some relief …

fig jam

squeeze the juice of 2 untreated lemons and place all in a preserving pan with 250 ml water, 2 sliced vanilla pods, 5 broken cinnamon sticks
and 1.5 kg sugar. dice 1.5 kg figs without stems, add them and bring all to the boil.
reduce the heat and simmer for about half an hour, stirring from time to time. be careful as it easily scorches.
remove the lemon halves, vanilla pods, cinnamon sticks and preserve in clean hot jars.

fresh figs

and because now they’re still available i prepare myself a salad with goat cheese, fresh figs, greens with lemon honey marinade and still hot croutons fried with herbs in olive oil and butter …

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* some impressions from a recent catering …

Posted on February 9th, 2010 by seesternrea. Filed under about, caterings.

edelweiss sushi at gunda m. cancola at zeiträume

catering gunda cancola

catering gunda cancola

catering gunda cancola

pictures by matthias münz

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* fire and ice …

Posted on January 25th, 2010 by seesternrea. Filed under about, german, just thinking of..., news.

alle kochen mit wasser …

und wir kochen immer schon mit feuer und eis …

und das war immer schon chemie

doch natürlich vermögen E 401 und E 509 zum beispiel wassermelonensaft in kaviarförmige kügelchen umzuwandeln … oder E 461 (methylcellulose) olivenöl zur suppennudelform zu transformieren … warum nicht?
und mit flüssigstickstoff kann man, wenn man beim ersten biss durch die nase ausatmet, aussehen wie ein wilder stier (dampfwolken kommen aus den nasenlöchern).
nicht schwierig (rezepte zum ausprobieren auf anfrage) und lustig bestimmt, aber warum unbedingt … zumindest warum dieses nachexerzieren?

natürlich begeistern mit adrià ferran und seine studien.
doch stumpfes nachverfolgen der techniken ist nicht mein weg.
ich bin für vorwärtsgehen, offenbleiben und veränderung … schön langsam ist die überbewertung dieser hype methoden einfach langweilig geworden.


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* gingerbread with lots of honey …

Posted on November 21st, 2009 by seesternrea. Filed under about, Uncategorized.


heat 85 g honey, 70 g butter and 100 g cream.
mix with half of
700 g whole-grain rye flour and baking powder.
150 g ground nuts,
200 g diced lemon and orange peel,
cinnamon, ginger, cardamon, pimento, glove
and a little nutmeg and black pepper,
finally 2 large eggs
and the rest of the flour.

keep dough in the fridge for 3 hours and then spread on a baking tray,
mark squares and decorate them with
candied cherry halves and blanched almond halves

bake at 180°c for about 45 minutes on the lowest level of the oven
in the end spread some honey water for a glaze …


* all one family …

Posted on October 29th, 2009 by seesternrea. Filed under about, books.

momo, gyoza, empanadilla, ravioli, piroshki, jiao zi, samosa, xiu mai, agnolotti … all one family
my tradition is the east tyrolean schlipfkrapfen … filled with potato, majoram, chives, roast onion in a buckwheat and wheat pasta … served with brown butter

making of ... osttiroler schlipfkrapfen

m. o. ... osttiroler schlipfkrapfen

and LOVE IT …

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* salzburg schranne market

Posted on August 6th, 2009 by seesternrea. Filed under about, just thinking of....

* a treasure chest … in salzburg

Posted on July 19th, 2009 by seesternrea. Filed under about, just thinking of....

when i was a child, chocolate would be something oh so precious and rarely available, almost such as mayan gold. that was, because my parents, who are dentists, would carefully avoid to expose us children to its dark pleasures.
later in life i used to love chocolate just as much, even though it’s become widely available and daily work matter in patisserie.
and during pregnancy my preference for dark dark chocolate shifted toward craves for milkier types and even white …

there is one store in salzburg which bears lots of treasures for les amateurs du chocolat. in very confined space you will find an eleborate selection of manufactured chocolates.

my current favourites among them are dolfin’s dark with pink pepper, galler framboise and zotter’s walnut marzipan …

dark and pink pepper


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* my idea about food …

Posted on May 8th, 2009 by seesternrea. Filed under about, healthiness, just thinking of....

good food is one essential factor to health and wellbeing. in a holistic sense not only high quality ingredients are substantial, but also a meal, which has been prepared with love.

we’ve all been educated to reward ourselves with food, therefore it has to be a tasty pleasure to make us feel content. apart from taste, texture and the appeal to the eye are just as important, and just as much the whole atmosphere surrounding when having a meal …

unfortunately in our fast moving environment, oases to savour our meals within, are very rare. under the pressure of profitability most give in to the diktat of lowest resistance … and much falls by the wayside, which we are subsequently missing – consciously or not.
experience … with all senses …

my „health with food“ philosophy
quoting paracelsus i believe that all things are poisonous and nothing is without poison – only the dosage decides the outcome. nothing is taboo, even chocolate or pork can be a contribution to health. important are seasonal, to a large extent regional comestibles. the right choice comprehends personal, physical factors, as well as climatic, seasonal and psychic ones … sometimes a „consolation meal“ is good for you … and sometimes an opulent feast, the golden mean, the balance is most important, that is said by our tradition as well as by tcm.
in order to eat healthy no strict diet is needed –it is all about pleasure, positive potentials, adapting habits and developing a feeling for one’s body.

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* essbare blüten …

Posted on May 8th, 2009 by seesternrea. Filed under about, german.

achillea millefolium  … schafgabe
agastache foeniculum … anisysop
allium spp. … schnittlauch, knoblauch, bärlauch
althea spp.  …  eibisch und verwandte
alyssum maritimum … steinkraut
anchusa azurea …  italienische ochsenzunge
anchusa officinalis … echte ochsenzunge
anethum graveolens … dill
anthemis nobilis … kamille
antirrhinum majus … löwenmaul
begonia … begonie
bellis perennis … gänseblümchen
borago officinalis … borretsch
calendula officinalis … ringelblume
centaurea cyanus … kornblume
chrysanthemum morifolium … chrysantheme
cichorium intibus … wegwarte, zichorie, radicchio
cirsium spp. … disteln
cosmea … kosmeen
cucurbita spp. … kürbisblüten
dahlia ssp. … dahlien
dianthus spp. … nelke
eschscholzia californica … schlafmützchen
ficaria spp. … scharbockskraut
foeniculum vulgare … fenchel
fuchsia spp. … fuchsien
galium odorata … waldmeister
gentiana … enzian
gladiolus spp. … gladiole
glechoma hederacea … gundermann
helianthus annuus … sonnenblume
hemerocallis spp. … taglilie
hosta … funkie
hyssopus officinalis … ysop
cactaceae … kakteen
lavandula officinalis … lavendel
lonicera spp. … geissblatt
magnolia ssp. … magnolie
malus spp. … apfel und zierapfel
malva spp. … malven
mathiola spp. … levkojen
melissa officinalis … melisse
mentha spp. … minze
monarda spp. … kreuzblütler
myosotis spp. … lippenblütler
ocimum basilicum … basilikum
origanum spp. … oregano
paeonia spp. … pfingstrose
pelargonium spp. … pelargonien, geranien
petunia hybrida … petunien
phaseolus vulgaris … gartenbohne
primula spp. … primeln
raphanus sativus … rettich
rosa spp. … rosen
rosmarinum oficinalis … rosmarin
salvia spp. … salbei
sambucus nigra … holunder
solidago spp. … goldruten
symphytum spp. … beinwell
syringa vulgaris … flieder
taraxacum oficinalis … löwenzahn
thymus spp. … thymian
tilia … linde
tropaeolum spp. … kapuzinerkresse
tulipa spp. … tulpen
verbascum spp. … königskerzen
viola spp. … veilchen, stiefmütterchen
yucca spp. … yucca

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