10 foods i love …

  • violet baby artichokes and topinambour braised with good olive oil and lemon
  • a bowl of simple stir fried 5-spice rice noodles with spring onions hongkong style
  • a loup de mer grilled with fennel herb and seeds
  • a bowl of real tom kha gai soup … with galangal, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves
  • steamed fragant rice … just plain or with cilantro pesto or avocado
  • a bowl of bouillabaise … with toasted baguette and rouille
  • banh cuon … steamed viet filled rice pasta with nuoc mam and fresh herbs
  • fresh oysters … just some lemon
  • a bento with grilled unagi eel and rice
  • yellow thai curry with eggplants and sweet potatoes
  • oven-roasted sweet chestnuts with a glass of wine and in good company

actually it is 11 … and sweet foods not yet mentioned … and subject to change … please post your 10 … i am SOOO CURIOUS …