a childhood memory taste … empanadillas de atun

there is food, or better tastes, you will never forget … or better say, if some food evokes this taste memory, you’ld be SOO happy.
when i was a pre-school child, my family would have spent holidays in mallorca … and apart from the pine-tree in summersun scent and the sea, the huge amounts of water melon … i just remembered this food. or to put it right, i rediscovered it in mexico, when i was eating tamales, which reminded me of the taste.

so now somehow some leftover green-cabbage, spring onions and a can of tuna just inspired me to try to aquire that taste.
that is an example of how limitations force you to be creative, but more about that later …

empanadillas de atun

i finely diced spring onions and fried them in a little oil
with just a dash of brown sugar,
later i added some tomato puree,
grated some carrots and finely cut green cabbage, added and roast them too,
let cool down a bit and add canned tuna, smoked paprika spice, dried chili flakes or cayenne pepper, white pepper and sea salt to taste.

for the dough
put 12,5 grams of dry yeast into 450 grams of flour, add 250 ml lukewarm
and cover with some flour, leave for 20 minutes covered with a kitchen cloth
melt 50 grams of butter
and add to dough as well as 2 eggs and a pinch of salt, knead and again leave covered.

roll out, cut circles and wrap the filling into it.
bake at 170°c in the oven until golden brown.

enjoy … hot right out of the oven …
or also as a nice picnic food …