adding joy to your salad …

in need of new salad powers?

i have long promised and finally written down in text two of my favorite dressing recipes
they are easy to prepare – also in advance – you can keep them ready in the fridge for about a week:



the first one is very typical Austrian combining dark green gold pumpkin seed oil with a hint of sweet
as well as mustard spiced:

2 tbs pumpkin seed oil,
2 tbs mustard,
1 teaspoon muscovado sugar or honey,
2tbs white balsamico vinegar,
a pinch of salt … mix
and emulsify well. if it is quite solid you can add just a little water …

it is classic and nice with cucumbers or runner beans (käferbohnen), but also goes well with green salad or broccoli …



the second is my very favourite one, it is a light white-coloured dressing,
which is just lovely on greens. the amount is quite big, as it is a bit hard to split and use half an egg.
but it stores well in the fridge filled into clean, sterilised bottles. and if it should be still too much to use, give some to your neighbour …

one egg
1/3 l rapsseed oil
30 grams of salt
1-2 shallots
one glove of garlic
240 ml water
125 ml white vinegar

emulsify, easily done with a high speed blender and fill into bottles …