confidence in nature vc. control(ls)

as soon as you impose rules on yourself about what to eat
– for instance as in a diet or eating vegan, vegetarian etc.-
you will be lost …
that means, desires for things you do not allow yourself will emerge and might even override your control, which will make you feel weak or inconsistent in the end.
as you are not the one in charge to control, what to eat.
there are always heated discussions about what to eat and what not, often resulting in personal attacks.
in the end,
for some people it will be natural to eat meat, at the same time for others it will be natural to eat vegan.
you are not in charge to judge anyone or yourself about what you eat.
probably, if you consider a dog to be fed vegan, it feels against nature … in my opinion, just the same applies for humans …
there is a nature of oneself beyond eating styles or diets.
that nature whispers from within and tells you, what your body needs to feel healthy and energetic.
unfortunately this nature is often overridden by educational force, for instance to always finish ones plate,
as well as by the supply of highly manufactured foods, readily available to treat yourself –
culturally conditioned – into eating sweets or “junk food” to reward or console yourself with it.
of course, the preference for sweet taste is already there in newborn babies … however very soon, this crucial conditioning
sets off already for tiny children. almost every doctor’s practice, every farmacy and many relatives
just readily offers sweet stuff … and this gets very deeply ingrained into our brains.
to make that clear once more, nothing should be excluded, as it will gain importance just by being excluded.
true natural needs can be rediscovered with the help of fasting and conscious eating.
then you might walk about a market and suddenly this very beautiful broccoli will smile at you
and you’ll imagine it steamed and buttered with some roasted nuts on top … and you will be happy inside out.
of course – there is the issue of how meat is produced. and if you are inclined to eat meat, it is of your concern,
to make sure to consume meat, which is from “happy” animals.
that is the field, where we can exert caution of not inflicting harm … and appreciate food …