creativity in cooking … 10 ways to enhance it …

. it’s always been my love of little notebooks and to take down sketches and notes … so i have a moleskin and pen with me any time, because the best ideas will usually not evolve in front of the sceen or in my case, the pan. … take notes of ideas anytime

. cooking is a handcraft work to a large extent too, so while you extend your skills you will always meet new challenges … work to improve your basic skills

. everything is molecular cooking, so don’t overestimate the term and don’t fight it necessarily, as cooking has always naturally involved chemical reactions … be interested in the underlying chemical processes

. brainstorming or a white piece of paper and open mind are wonderful tools to develop out of the box ways … play with associations

. as i have raised my baby son at home up to now, i am always short of time, so i aturally had to come accross efficient ways to produce delicious food or substitute a product due to the inability to go shopping … and that made me create new things … make use of limitations of time or products

. replace and substitute products

. visit the local market with open eyes, integrate the plums just below the tree, employ what you find in the fridge … allow oneself to be guided by the product

. cooking seasonal food is good for you, utilising regional products is good for your environment, so … take into account seasonal and regional products

. be brave, let new ideas awake, but finallly remain objective – the taste has to be good, so at the same time … remain well grounded

to conclude … a funny experiment if you tend to have to much on stock at home … try living from what you have as long and good as possible for as long as you can … enjoy!