actually this writing comes out of a dream, where i travelled with lovely connected people through thai forests.
we walked through luscious green and below giant trees on barely visible paths and stopped to eat colourful soups in giant shells and plates decorated with mandalas of fruit, leavy greens, vegetables and nuts … oh so wonderful …

well you might say, i am a dreamer …
i am … “Patience is not sitting and waiting, it is foreseeing. It is looking at the thorn and seeing the rose, looking at the night and seeing the day. Lovers are patient and know that the moon needs time to become full.” Rumi

my passion for nourishment and struggle with it started, when as a child i found out i could not eat, when there is fighting on the table or that i still remained hungry after a lonely microwaved lunch. i dreamed of big tables of happy connected people enjoying food together and started exploring and cooking food with a huge passion. yet i felt very lonely.

apart from the social aspect of sharing food for a meal together,
everyone has to find out the nourishment suitable for his/her body. that may vary and is not subject for judgement or blame.
suitability is determined by what kind of food the body feels healthy and balanced.

for one person it might work perfectly well plant-based, others might benefit from other foods or selections.
most important is, to feel for yourself, what is good for you and not follow any rules and shoulds, because you feel you should.
anything rigid and top-down (from mind to body) will not turn out vital on the long run.

i am always wondering about why is there a demand for vegan cheesecake, vegan fried eggs or vegan sausages?
to me this calling for something resembling something else devalues the actual ingredients.

and for me, food and being nourished has a lot to do with honouring the food and its sources. so – in the case of vegan cheesecake i’d rather call it raw cashew and coconut cream cake, because that is what it is – and because i love cashews and coconuts.

interesting we always try to remember an old taste and try to find comfort in the resemblance or recreation of the known, familiar … not only taste affected, but happens in most areas of life.

food is precious,
it is nourishment
it is part of a circle
and providing vital energy.
it is to be honoured and valued with attention.

yet, we are far from that …
munching some fast food on the way from here to there,
having a family dinner quarrelling over something at the same time moving the food almost unconsciously into our mouths,
mindlessly taking in popcorn and chips, bodies frozen and eyes glued to screens …

well, there is something else
let us value our food
every bite
and enjoy it together.

i am not writing this from a karma police state of don’t waste food, don’t eat fast food etc
but from a dream creating lovely food and sharing it together
lovely food with mother earth … colourful soups and joyous salads …

let it be precious, because it is