goi cuon – reafood vietnamese salad rolls

reafood goi cuon

cut firm tofu into squares and deep-fry til golden, cut spring onions, white and green seperate,
grate some ginger

fry black fermented beans, fresh grated ginger and some of the white onions
with a little palm sugar
add tofu squares and soaked and cut winter shiitake mushrooms,
add some dark and light soy sauce and water
let it be braised, later add green onion cuts and a little bit of fish sauce,
let cool down
soak rice paper for a short time in lukewarm water …

roll braised tofu-shiitake into ricepaper with
thai basil
soy sprouts
passion flowers
and lettuce

with hoisin sauce – the ready made one should be enhanced with some golden garlic and chilies
(or ask for my homemade one)
and roasted cashew nuts

this is my version …