kirschschmarrn … as soon as the cherries are ripe …

somehow my posts are drifting into … lots of sweet food … must be the pregnancy influence …
so, for the non-austrian readers „kirschschmarrn“ is a typical austrian sweet dish, a delicious pancake version.


the recipe is for 2-4 people, depending on whether it is a dessert or main dish. it is a high end version … the simple version works  just on the hot plate and without beating egg whites. it is probably a bit less fluffy, but still very nice.

3 eggs
500 ml milk
1 tsp sugar
½ ground tonka bean (or vanilla out of the pod)
350 g flour (better coarse grained – griffig –
i often use a bit of spelt wholemeal flour … healthier and a bit more juiciness)

a dash of mineral water

beat egg whites until fluffy and turn into dough
30 g butter (or reafood butter caramel)
500 g ripe cherries

put milk, yolks sugar into a bowl and whisk.
add flour bit by bit and mineral water at the end

melt butter (or caramel) in a heavy pan and add dough.
put into preheated oven (180°c)
wait until the bottom is firm and the pancake rises,.
continue on the hotplate at medium heat turn and tear apart into pieces
wait a bit, add more butter and a little sugar and add cherries.

turn thoroughly until ready, serve with icing sugar.
enjoy …