lentil and root vegetable soup

desperately seeking an easy recipe for a new year’s eve stew?
fed up with the omnipresent chili con carne?
fed up with sealed salmon on toasts?
looking for a healthy yet delicious taste even containing lucky lentils?

you are lucky if you happen to read this …
my solution: lentil and root vegetable soup

and promise, it is really easy!


fry two finely diced medium sized onions and
2 gloves of garlic and a tsp of brown sugar in a little vegetable oil,
add 2 bay leaves and a cinnamon stick

add tomato paste (3tbs)
add diced carrots, parsley roots, celery, leek and parsley (ca. 500grams)
add lentils (orange and kaviar black ones that are cooked fast ca. 150grams
stew until slightly brown

then add a can of pelati tomatoes (500grams)
slowly braise til everything is soft.

enjoy with olive oil roasted bread and (hard cheese) …