… how to

… prepare one of my favourite austrian strudel version … heavenly vanilla and milk sweet …

prepare and filo pastry and melted butter to combine

cut 8 pieces of toast without crusts into little dices
boil 125ml milk with vanilla bean (scraped out seeds and bean)
and pour over bread
beat 60g and 60g icing sugar
add 3 egg yolks one by one
add cest of half a lemon
later 250g of curd cheese and 150g of sour cream

soak 50g raisins in rum
in the meanwhile beat 3 egg whites til fluffy with a little sugar and salt
and fold in egg white and raisins

prepare melted butter and 500ml milk with a tsp sugar and one egg beaten for sousing

put one piece of filo and paint with melted butter, add another
then put filling onto bottom and start to roll up
after that put into buttered form – a little hard to handle
and bake at 180°c for about 40 minutes

from time to time add some more milk mix and paint with butter…

and best enjoyed right out of the oven