nettle pralines

nettle seed choco pralines and spirulina treats

to be honest, to go without sweets is not really a thing in our culture which relies so much on rewarding with sweet food. it is possible to experience, that we do not at all need the sweets after doing fasting or a cleanse, but to quit them completely very often backfires with intense cravings.

so i believe creating small rituals including and fully enjoying then in a moderate way is a good way.
we can even design them to be beneficial by including nutrient dense, nourishing foods.

have you ever bought superfoods and then struggled to find a delicious way to include them into your diet? i have … and even though i was very interested in the health effects, somehow they ended up in the back of the cupboard.
most people would opt to incorporate them in smoothies, but my body, like many others, does not really tolerate or digest large amounts of cold pureed greens or fruit.
so what would you do?
i will write down two delicious recipes for superfood charged sweets.

nettle seed choco pralines 

nettle seeds are considered a western adaptogen that supports the adrenal glands and endocrine system. in herbal medicine they are used as a tonic for fatigue and adrenal exhaustion, for people who are burnt-out or low in energy and libido. the energising factor from eating raw, dried nettle seeds is caused by the neurotransmitters acetylcholine and serotonin, closely followed by choline and histamine.

acetylcholine binds to the mood receptors in our brains. It stimulates the autonomic nervous system, improves mood and heightens sensory perception, attention span, vigilance and intuition. acetylcholine disruption may be a primary cause of depression. serotonin acts on the central nervous system. It regulates mood, appetite and sleep, influences memory and learning. nettle seeds also raise dopamine levels, creating pleasurable feelings.

140 g almonds, ground
20 g nettle seeds, ground
4 tbs cocoa powder, unsweetened
200 g dates, stoned
2 tbs coconut oil
salt, vanilla

mix all of the dry ingredients, cut dates and melt coconut oil and add. knead and form balls.
i like to roll them in some cocoa and blue flower (cornflower) powder for lovely aesthetics.
be careful to enjoy in moderation. nettle seeds are powerful : ).


nettle pralines

spirulina banana treats

2-3 ripe bananas
2 tbs spirulina powder (Austrian sourced: Spirulix)
1 tbs tahini (or homemade walnut butter for a local version)
juice from 1 lemon
pinch of salt

mash the bananas and add the other ingredients. spread them on baking parchment and slowly dessicate them in a dehydrator or on a low (50°C) in the oven until they are solid but not brown.
cut into pieces and store in an airtight container for several days. instead of bananas you can use pureed quinces for a more local version.

spirulina are nutrient dense algae providing us a high nutrient density as well as anti-inflammatory benefits. spirulina is also said to reduce high blood pressure and improve blood sugar control.