spring rolls …

spring rolls actually contain lots of winter vegetables such as carrots, cabbage and onions.
the term spring roll derives from the rolls being served at the chinese new year celebrations, which typically take place at the very early spring time.

2 onions
2 gloves of garlic
half a head of cabbage
3 carrots
3 tps vegetable oil for frying
cilantro greens
cayenne pepper
package of spring roll pastry
2 egg whites
coconut or vegetable oil for deep frying

finely dice the onions and garlic. sauté them in vegetable oil adding a dash of sugar.
finely cut the cabbage and grate the carrots.
add the vegetables to the onions and carefully braise them, season to taste.
let the vegetable filling cool down and add cut cilantro greens in the end.

carefully seperate the spring roll pastry leaves and place the vegetable filling on one end.
before rolling it up place some egg white on the top end with a pastry brush before closing the roll.



filling spring rolls
filling spring rolls

deep fry the spring rolls, let the excess fat drip off on kitchen paper.
cut the thin rolls diagonally and serve them with you favourite dip.
my favourite dips will follow in the next post asap …

enjoy! spring rolls make a great appetizer party food or also a family fun dish …