homemade hoisin sauce

my family and my customers love summer rolls, „gerolltes glück“ as i call it.
over many years i have used a recipe of converting a storebought sauce to an enhanced delicious version. i received that recipe from dear vietnamese friends and i kept it as a lovely treasure for a long time.

recently however i felt like creating the sauce from scratch and the only missing link is now to ferment douchi, the black soy beans, myself.
but using douchi from a friend i found a nice way to convert them to hoisin sauce.
i used finely diced garlic, spring onions and ginger (2 tbs each),
fried them in some plant based oil
and added 4 tbs fermented soybeans, which i had previously soaked in water.
to complete the delicous intensity i added chinese five spice and chili flakes.
further 3 tbs of cashew nut butter and 1 tbs of apricot jam (could maybe be exchanged by molasses or better, soaked dried plums).

it tastes delicious with homemade summer rolls.