osttiroler schlipfkrapfen

as i am recently working on a collection of family recipes and especially healthy and delicious recipes, which are also kids‘ favourites i am going to share this recipe here.
having East Tyrolean roots this dish has been dear to me since childhood.

recently i have compared and tried several recipes and come to a conclusion for my preferred style.
for the dough i combine finely ground rhye and spelt flower to the same amount, it is also nice to exchange some of the rhye with buckwheat. no eggs.
for the filling i go without fresh cheese, but using floury potatoes, dried sweet majoran and fresh chives are essential.

200 g rhye flour, finely ground
200 g spelt flour, finely ground
approx. 200 ml water
1 tsp salt (dissolved in the water)
1 tsp rapseed oil

approx. 600 g floury potatoes, peeled
1 onion, finely diced
50 g butter
80 ml cream
salt, pepper, dried sweet majoran and freshly cut chives

for the dough mix the flours. then pour the salted water and oil to it and prepare a soft dough.
make a ball and let it rest at room temperature for appoximately 30 minutes.

in the meantime  peel the boiled potatoes and sautee the onions in butter until soft. mix the ingredients and occasionally add some cream, sometimes also some sauteed garlic according to your preferences. 

then roll out the dough thin and cut out 7 cm circles (with a round cutter or glass).
place filling into the middles and put together the edges as shown in the picture. in East Tyrol it is called „pitschen“.

instead of boiling the schlipfkrapfen i use to steam them in a steamer or steaming basket.
then add brown butter and if wanted grated cheese.